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LENGTH: 30 mins.
FORMAT: Colour, Film.
PRODUCTION: 1969 - 1970 Fauna Production.

Captain Ted King.......JOE JAMES
Tracey Deane.......ROWENA WALLACE (eps 18 - 39)
Diana Parker.......ELLI MACLURE (eps 9 - 20)
Steve Gabo.......HAROLD HOPKINS
Kip Young.......KEN JAMES
Jack Meurauki.......GEORGE ASSANG
Elizabeth Grant.......SUSANNAH BRETT (eps 1 - 8)
Dr. Paul Hanna.......IHAB NAFA (eps 1 - 17)

Executive Producers.......JOHN McCALLUM & BOB AUSTIN
Director underwater sequences.......RON TAYLOR

1. Rendezvous
2. Galleon
3. Something Beginning With M
4. Strange Cargo
5. The Pewter Chalice
6. The Cannon Of Nemora
7. The Pirates
8. Old Gold
Final Susannah Brett
9. Slipway
First Elli Maclure
10. When Big Fish Die
11. Russians Are Red
12. Cyclone
13. Assignment In Shute
14. Thursday Girl
15. Nothing But The Truth
16. White Death
17. Echoes From The Past
Final Ihab Nafa
18. A Matter Of Money
First Rowena Wallace
19. Scotch On The Rocks
20. God Bless Her
Final Elli Maclure
21. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
22. Sea Fever
23. Shark Bait
24. The Tripod
25. Coconut Ice
26. Moon Shot
27. The Speckled Stone Fish
28. The Old Skipper
29. Sell Out
30. Black Diamond
31. The Tunnel
32. Sanctuary Cay
33. The Missile
34. His Majesty Regrets
35. Voices In The Deep
36. Pilgrims Progress
37. Oysters Never Tell
38. Bird Cage
39. The Fence

1. Rendezvous

Sir John Hargreave.......John Warwick
Gordon Lewis.......John McCallum
Professor Martin.......Tom Farley

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......John McCallum & Lee Robinson
Director.......Paul Maxwell

Synopsis: A high ranking Government official makes a secret visit to the Endeavour to determine whether General Trust Corporation may use it's Minus Five equipment to commercial advantage without affecting the natural heritage of the Great Barrier Reef. The project is placed in jeopardy when, riding in the mini-submarine, he nearly loses his life. Dr. Paul Hanna, of the Government Science Council, joins the team on board the Endeavour.

Notes: Segments filmed in Canberra.

Melbourne 12/2/71
Brisbane 19/2/71
Orange NSW 12/7/71
Tamworth NSW 22/8/71
Sydney 2/10/71

2. Galleon

Conde De Cassalis.......Don Pascoe
Sir John Hargreave.......John Warwick

Script.......Lee Robinson
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A Spaniard tricks the Minus Five team into using their equipment to locate a sunken galleon which, he says, carried a fortune in gold. His real reason is to prove a Spaniard discovered the Australian coast before Captain Cook.

Traralgon VIC 1/10/71
Tamworth NSW 20/1/72
Canberra 10/2/72
Orange NSW 5/3/72
Maryborough QLD 27/6/72


Joe James.



34.jpg (13349 bytes)
Joe James and George Assang.

3. Something Beginning With M

Stewart Gamelin.......Allan Lander

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Neill Phillipson
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: An industrial spy gets aboard the Endeavour to photograph the top secret equipment, but he turns out to be not such a bad bloke when he realises his methods endanger Captain King's life.

Melbourne 19/2/71
Brisbane 26/2/71
Albury NSW 5/5/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 20/5/71
Toowoomba QLD 27/5/71
Canberra 15/7/71
Orange NSW 26/7/71
Tamworth NSW 5/9/71
Sydney 9/10/71
Maryborough QLD 16/11/71

4. Strange Cargo

Bob Davenport.......Robert Bruning
Edwards.......Kevin Miles
Sgt. Davies.......Don Reid

Script.......Lee Robinson
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team discover a murdered man in Barrier Reef waters, and he is buried on a small, lonely island. He is to be exhumed by the police, but when Sgt. Davies goes to the grave the body is missing, and the Minus Five team land in a strange network of intrigue.

Notes: This is the only episode to feature Robert Bruning as Bob Davenport in what was originally planned as a semi-regular role.

Traralgon VIC 8/10/71
Tamworth NSW 14/1/72
Canberra 2/3/72
Brisbane 1/4/72
Toowoomba QLD 20/4/72
Maryborough QLD 4/7/72


46.jpg (16017 bytes)
George Assang.











45.jpg (10792 bytes)
Ep. 5: Tina Cornioley.

Ep. 5: Harold Hopkins, Ken James, George Assang and Susannah Brett.

5. The Pewter Chalice

Kelly Clarke.......Tina Cornioley
Sister Magdalena.......Christina O'Brien
Sister Angela.......Judith Fisher

Script.......Lee Robinson
Director.......Brian Faull

Synopsis: Two nuns ask the Minus Five team to help them recover a sacred chalice lost in a wreck off the Great Barrier Reef, but Captain Ted King reluctantly declines assistance as the Endeavour is under orders for another assignment. The nuns risk their lives when they decide to attempt the salvage job themselves.

Traralgon VIC 24/9/71
Rockhampton QLD 23/11/71
Tamworth NSW 30/12/71
Mildura VIC 18/1/72
Canberra 3/2/72
Orange NSW 27/2/72
Brisbane 18/3/72
Toowoomba QLD 6/4/72
Melbourne 9/4/72
Maryborough QLD 20/6/72

6. The Cannon Of Nemora

Joan Norris.......Helen Morse
Kenneth Norris.......Peter Adams

Script.......Michael Wright & Ron McLean
Director.......Brian Faull

Synopsis: The Minus Five team has salvage rights to a vessel sunk off the Barrier Reef in the 1800's, but when they arrive they find divers down below. The gold disappears and it seems it has been stolen from under their noses. A cannon from the wreck and an old log book must be found before the mystery can be solved.

Traralgon VIC 29/10/71
Rockhampton QLD 28/12/71
Tamworth NSW 3/1/72
Canberra 24/2/72
Mt. Gambier SA 9/3/72
Orange NSW 2/4/72
Toowoomba QLD 4/5/72
Maryborough QLD 25/7/72


33.jpg (14837 bytes)
Harold Hopkins and Joe James.

7. The Pirates

Rod.......Tristan Rogers
Chris.......John Wood
Tony.......Damien Parker

Script.......Joy Cavill
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: Tense moments mix with comedy when three students capture the Endeavour and, thinking the crew are spies, plan to hand them over to the police.

Notes: John Wood's first television role.

Canberra 24/6/71
Toowoomba QLD 23/9/71
Traralgon VIC 22/10/71
Brisbane 8/7/72
Maryborough QLD 18/7/72


43.jpg (12515 bytes)
Ep. 7: Tristan Rogers and John Wood.

8. Old Gold

Insp. John Harden.......Ken Goodlet
Harry Jenkins.......Gerry Duggan
Ford.......Les Berryman

Script.......Lee Robinson
From an original story by.......Andre Maestracci
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: Old Harry tells Steve Gabo about two million dollars of gold coin carried on a plane lost during World War 2, which he has been trying to locate for years. The Minus Five team begin a search and find more than they bargained for - two skeletons, and two armed men who could be murderers, but who are in fact Commonwealth Police.

Notes: Final episode with Susannah Brett as Elizabeth Grant.

Traralgon VIC 15/10/71
Rockhampton QLD 14/12/71
Tamworth NSW 18/1/72
Ballarat VIC 10/3/72
Maryborough QLD 11/7/72


42.jpg (31974 bytes)
Ep. 8: Gerry Duggan and Harold Hopkins.

9. Slipway

Kelly Clarke.......Tina Cornioley
Ruth Curtis.......Pat Sullivan
Hyles.......Ric Hutton

Script.......Lee Robinson
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Endeavour puts into a slipway in Townsville for inspection and maintenance, and the crew welcomes Diana Parker, the charming new operator for the Minus Five equipment. But there are shocks in store for all as Diana is discovered to be an impostor, and one of the diving crew narrowly escapes death.

Notes: First episode with Elli Maclure as Diana Parker.

Melbourne 26/2/71
Brisbane 5/3/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 27/5/71
Canberra 22/7/71
Orange NSW 2/8/71
Adelaide 7/9/71
Tamworth NSW 12/9/71
Sydney 16/10/71
Maryborough QLD 23/11/71
Wollongong NSW 5/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 30/12/71


Ep. 9: Pat Sullivan and Tina Cornioley.

10. When Big Fish Die

Script.......Brian Faull
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: Exploring an underwater oil field near the Great Barrier Reef, the mini-submarine crew strikes new danger - an ear-splitting, high-frequency sound that kills fish, and even disables the Minus Five electronic equipment.

Melbourne 5/3/71
Brisbane 12/3/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 25/3/71
Toowoomba QLD 1/4/71
Canberra 29/7/71
Orange NSW 9/8/71
Tamworth NSW 19/9/71
Sydney 23/10/71
Wollongong NSW 12/12/71

11. Russians Are Red

Capt. Rudolf Chenov.......Peter Aanensen
Igor Mosyiev.......John Roddick

Script.......Ted Roberts
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team become involved in political intrigue when a defector from a Russian ship asks them for political asylum in Australia. Steve Gabo takes his side, until he learns the Russian is not a refugee, but a thief.

Traralgon VIC 7/5/71
Brisbane 30/5/71
Canberra 2/9/71
Ballarat VIC 10/9/71
Orange NSW 20/9/71
Melbourne 7/11/71
Tamworth NSW 14/11/71
Sydney 11/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 23/12/71
Maryborough QLD 18/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 24/1/72
Wollongong NSW 30/1/72


40.jpg (11748 bytes)
Ihab Nafa

12. Cyclone

Susan Prescott.......Janet Kingsbury

Script.......Lee Robinson
Director.......Lee Robinson

Synopsis: The Endeavour runs before Cyclone Ada, which devastates tourist resorts on the Great Barrier Reef and towns on the North Queensland coast. After the disaster, the Minus Five team return to the area to search for survivors, and play an important role in rescue work.

Notes: Filming of the episode 'Slipway' was almost completed when Cyclone Ada struck. Two new episodes, 'Cyclone' and 'Assignment In Shute', were written around the cyclone and its aftermath.

Brisbane 19/3/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 1/4/71
Toowoomba QLD 8/4/71
Traralgon VIC 30/4/71
Canberra 5/8/71
Orange NSW 16/8/71
Melbourne 26/9/71
Tamworth NSW 26/9/71
Sydney 30/10/71
Wollongong NSW 19/12/71


39.jpg (34422 bytes)
Ep. 12: Ken James, Harold Hopkins, George Assang and Joe James.

13. Assignment In Shute

Mrs. Holmes.......Janet Kingsbury
Dave McPhie.......Don Crosby

Script.......Joy Cavill
Director.......Lee Robinson

Synopsis: The Endeavour crew are assigned to search for a fishing launch sunk during the cyclone. They plunge into a murder mystery when in the cabin they find a body with a knife in his back.

Notes: This episode, together with episode 12 'Cyclone', was especially written following Cyclone Ada. Shute is a harbour town near Proserpine that was particularly hard hit by the storm.

Brisbane 2/4/71
Albury NSW 19/5/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 10/6/71
Canberra 12/8/71
Orange NSW 30/8/71
Melbourne 10/10/71
Tamworth NSW 10/10/71
Sydney 13/11/71
Maryborough QLD 21/12/71
Wollongong NSW 2/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 27/1/72


38.jpg (39313 bytes)
Ep. 13: Elli Maclure and extras.

14. Thursday Girl

Melanie.......Nora Tfieng

Script.......Brian Faull
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A beautiful young girl from Thursday Island stows away on the Endeavour, claiming Jack Meurauki has promised to marry her. Hiding the girl from the Captain proves a major problem.

Traralgon VIC 19/3/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 15/4/71
Brisbane 16/4/71
Canberra 19/8/71
Melbourne 24/10/71
Tamworth NSW 24/10/71
Sydney 27/11/71
Maryborough QLD 4/1/72
Wollongong NSW 16/1/72

15. Nothing But The Truth

Bob Castle.......Lex Mitchell
Hayes.......Lyle Hillway

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Keith Martin
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: Minus Five picks up uranium readings which appear and disappear. A trawler hauls in a catch of fish which could be radioactive, but a more important 'catch' is contested with spear guns under the ship as the Endeavour crew stumble upon uranium smugglers.

Coffs Harbour NSW 8/4/71
Brisbane 9/4/71
Toowoomba QLD 15/4/71
Traralgon VIC 23/4/71
Canberra 26/8/71
Orange NSW 13/9/71
Melbourne 17/10/71
Tamworth NSW 17/10/71
Sydney 20/11/71
Maryborough QLD 28/12/71
Wollongong NSW 9/1/72
Mt Gambier SA 20/1/72


37.jpg (14918 bytes)
Ihab Nafa and Joe James.

16. White Death

Guy Bodel.......Ron Coleman

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Brian Wright
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Endeavour is assigned by the government to chart unknown channels in the Barrier Reef. A man once badly mauled by a white pointer shark seeks revenge in the shark's breeding ground and endangers the lives of the Minus Five divers.

Traralgon VIC 26/3/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 24/6/71
Lismore NSW 24/6/71
Orange NSW 27/9/71
Adelaide 19/10/71
Melbourne 31/10/71
Tamworth NSW 31/10/71
Maryborough QLD 2/11/71
Sydney 4/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 16/12/71

17. Echoes From The Past

Script.......Peter Maxwell
Director.......Neill Phillipson

Synopsis: The Minus Five team is commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy to locate and chart a mine field off the Barrier Reef. During the trip, Captain Ted King risks his life to rescue one of his crew trapped in the mine field, while mines are breaking loose from the rusted cables and menacing the ship.

Notes: Final episode with Ihab Nafa as Dr. Paul Hanna.

Melbourne 3/10/71
Sydney 6/11/71
Traralgon VIC 2/4/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 6/5/71
Toowoomba QLD 13/5/71
Canberra 8/7/71
Orange NSW 23/8/71
Tamworth NSW 3/10/71
Maryborough QLD 14/12/71
Wollongong NSW 26/12/71



18. A Matter Of Money

Morgan.......Vaughan Tracy
Howard Bell.......Terence Cooper
Captain.......Lyle Hillway

Script.......Brian Faull
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Endeavour's attractive new scientist learns a bitter lesson in security when she innocently arranges passage to Townsville for a colleague. Customs officer Morgan and the Minus Five team are held at gunpoint by the passenger who demands the surrender of counterfeit money plates which have been discovered attached to the ship's hull.

Notes: First episode with Rowena Wallace as Tracey Deane.

Toowoomba QLD 29/4/71
Brisbane 7/5/71
Traralgon VIC 21/5/71
Canberra 10/6/71
Orange NSW 4/10/71
Tamworth NSW 7/11/71
Melbourne 14/11/71
Sydney 18/12/71
Maryborough QLD 25/1/72
Wollongong NSW 5/3/72


35.jpg (17630 bytes)
Ep. 18: Elli Maclure and Rowena Wallace.

19. Scotch On The Rocks

Michael O'Flaherty.......Al Thomas
Hamish McGregor.......Harry Lawrence

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Susan Fuller
Director.......Howard Rubie

Synopsis: A wreck with a cargo of whisky hangs precariously on a ledge on the Reef. A puritan Scotsman plans to destroy the cargo, and a drunken beachcomber warns the Minus Five team, who are working to retrieve a new navigational aid from the wreck. The navigational aid must be assessed, for if it is defective it could endanger the other five ships it has been issued to, but their work is hampered by the old Scotsman who is determined to destroy the whisky before it can cause any evil.

Traralgon VIC 9/4/71
Brisbane 21/5/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 3/6/71
Canberra 30/9/71
Orange NSW 18/10/71
Melbourne 28/11/71
Tamworth NSW 28/12/71
Maryborough QLD 8/2/72
Wollongong NSW 27/2/72


Rowena Wallace and Joe James.

20. God Bless Her

Michael O'Leary.......Noel Ferrier
Sgt. Bloxmore.......Lyle Hillway

Script.......John McCallum
From a story by.......Michael Kitchenside
Director.......Howard Rubie

Synopsis: A mad scientist, intent on preserving the Barrier Reef from exploitation, plants explosives aboard the Endeavour as the crew wait to welcome the Royal Britannia during the Royal Visit to Townsville.

Notes: Final episode with Elli Maclure as Diana Parker.

Coffs Harbour NSW 29/4/71
Toowoomba QLD 6/5/71
Brisbane 14/5/71
Traralgon VIC 28/5/71
Canberra 16/9/71
Orange NSW 11/10/71
Adelaide 9/11/71
Melbourne 21/11/71
Tamworth NSW 5/1/72
Maryborough QLD 1/2/72
Sydney 12/2/72
Wollongong NSW 13/2/72


14.jpg (17485 bytes)
Ken James.

21. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Anthony Brooks.......Keith Lee
Sir John Hargreaves.......John Warwick
Miss Hindahara.......Misao Kamijo Molinaro

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Bill Lambert
Director.......Lee Robinson

Synopsis: A Japanese submarine sunk during World War 2; a Shinto burial service; and the unusual interest displayed by a Member of Parliament plunge the Minus Five team into a new mystery on the Barrier Reef.

Traralgon VIC 16/4/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 13/5/71
Toowoomba QLD 20/5/71
Canberra 14/10/71
Orange NSW 1/11/71
Melbourne 12/12/71
Tamworth NSW 6/1/72
Maryborough QLD 22/2/72
Sydney 26/2/72


32.jpg (19153 bytes)
Harold Hopkins, Ken James and George Assang.

22. Sea Fever

Gail Smith.......Judy Morris
Derek Potter.......David Foster
Prof. Barnard.......Peter Carver

Script.......Ron McLean
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A strange illness threatens the life of three people on the Great Barrier Reef when an old scientist loses control of dangerous research into the effects of radiation on the cycle of marine life.

Traralgon VIC 9/7/71
Rockhampton QLD 21/9/71
Canberra 2/12/71
Orange NSW 26/12/71
Tamworth NSW 4/1/72
Melbourne 6/2/72
Shepparton VIC 12/3/72
Maryborough QLD 18/4/72

23. Shark Bait

Raymond Clarke.......Tony Ward
Peggy Clarke.......Sue Costin
George.......Reg Gorman

Script.......Ted Roberts
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A wealthy fisherman hunts for a world record size shark, and baits an area with bloody meat. One of the Minus Five divers becomes trapped by a thrashing shark pack attracted by the bait.

Rockhampton QLD 14/9/71
Brisbane 13/11/71
Canberra 18/11/71
Orange NSW 12/12/71
Tamworth NSW 27/12/71
Melbourne 23/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 3/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 21/2/72
Maryborough QLD 4/4/72


31.jpg (24876 bytes)
Ep. 22: Judy Morris and Peter Carver.

24. The Tripod

Hooper.......Peter Reynolds
Lynch.......Alister Smart

Script.......Lee Robinson
From an original story by.......Harry Woollerton
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The owner of an illegal fishing fleet is desperate when the Minus Five team find a strange tripod on the sea bed which is his early warning system. He sends out a bogus distress signal to lure the Endeavour away from the area.

Traralgon VIC 2/0/8/71
Rockhampton QLD 26/10/71
Canberra 30/12/71
Tamworth NSW 10/1/72
Orange NSW 23/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 2/3/72
Melbourne 5/3/72
Port Pirie SA 13/11/73


30.jpg (14477 bytes)
Rowena Wallace.

25. Coconut Ice

Dr. Sedgewick.......Ron Haddrick

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Susan Fuller
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The idea of icebergs in the tropical waters of the Barrier Reef at first amuses the Minus Five team, but the situation becomes grim when the icebergs prove to be real and a threat to shipping. Captain Ted King asks the inventor of the icebergs on board the Endeavour to join the team.

Canberra 7/10/71
Orange NSW 8/11/71
Adelaide 7/12/71
Tamworth NSW 17/1/72
Maryborough QLD 29/2/72
Sydney 4/3/72


Joe James

26. Moon Shot

Professor Martin.......Tom Farley

Script.......Lee Robinson
From an original story by.......Neill Phillipson
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A deadly, radioactive 16 inch cylinder, released into the sea near the Great Barrier Reef from the crippled spacecraft Apollo 13, must be recovered and contained before the whole area becomes a graveyard. The assignment is given to the Minus Five team.

Notes: Rowena Wallace does not appear in this episode.

Melbourne 5/2/71
Brisbane 12/2/71
Canberra 1/7/71
Orange NSW 19/7/71
Tamworth NSW 29/8/71
Sydney 25/9/71
Maryborough QLD 9/11/71


Ep. 26: Joe James and Tom Farley.

27. The Speckled Stone Fish

Sgt. Dwyer.......Ben Gabriel
Joe Francis.......Richard Meikle

Script.......John McCallum
Director.......Eric Fullilove

Synopsis: A bizarre attempted murder by the Mafia can only be prevented by a marine biologist and the Minus Five team working together. They must catch a deadly stone fish alive so that an antidote can then be made to save the dying man.

Traralgon VIC 27/8/71
Canberra 6/1/72
Tamworth NSW 13/1/72
Orange NSW 30/1/72
Brisbane 19/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 9/3/72
Melbourne 12/3/72
Port Pirie SA 20/11/73


27.jpg (15579 bytes)
Ep. 27: Ben Gabriel.

28. The Old Skipper

Capt. Lindstrom.......Eric Reiman

Script.......Ted Roberts
From an original story by.......Douglas Craig
Director.......Eric Fullilove

Synopsis: An ageing sea captain who was the original skipper of the Endeavour determines to scuttle the ship so they can die together. Alone with him on the ship, Tracey Deane tries to change his mind.

Traralgon VIC 13/8/71
Brisbane 18/12/71
Canberra 23/12/71
Orange NSW 16/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 24/2/72
Melbourne 27/2/72
Maryborough QLD 9/5/72
Wollongong NSW 28/5/72
Port Pirie SA 6/11/73

29. Sell Out

Slater.......Redmond Philips
Monroe.......Kurt Nischelwitzer

Script.......Brian Faull
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: One of the Minus Five team acts as bait to catch a company official selling classified information about a newly discovered nickel field on the Barrier Reef.

Traralgon VIC 14/5/71
Coffs Harbour
NSW 1/7/71
Canberra 23/9/71
Orange NSW 25/10/71
Melbourne 5/12/71
Tamworth NSW 29/12/71
Maryborough QLD 15/2/72
Sydney 19/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 18/5/72


26.jpg (8555 bytes)
Ep. 28: Eric Reiman.

30. Black Diamond

Mike Stewart.......Malcolm McLeod
Ron Grampian.......Vic Ley

Script.......Joy Cavill
From an original story by.......Valerie Taylor
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team find an unconscious diver in the water and another on the sea bed. Attempting a rescue, one of the team gets nitrogen narcosis and tries to give a shark boxing lessons.

Traralgon VIC 6/8/71
Rockhampton QLD 28/9/71
Canberra 25/11/71
Orange NSW 18/12/71
Tamworth NSW 7/1/72
Melbourne 30/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 10/2/72
Kalgoorlie WA 30/3/75

31. The Tunnel

Script.......Lee Robinson
From an original story by.......David Brogden
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: When the roof of a cave below the Great Barrier Reef collapses and traps one of the Minus Five divers, the others have to work against time to rescue him.

Brisbane 30/10/71
Canberra 4/11/71
Orange NSW 28/11/71
Sydney 11/12/71
Tamworth NSW 23/12/71
Melbourne 9/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 13/1/72
Adelaide 11/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 7/2/72
Maryborough QLD 21/3/72


29.jpg (24382 bytes)
Joe James, Rowena Wallace and Ken James.

32. Sanctuary Cay

Black.......Tony Bazell
Travis.......Stewart Ginn
Wallace.......Robert Quilter

Script.......Joy Cavill
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team clash with big business wanting to exploit a tropical island, even though it would mean the extinction of millions of protected seabirds.

Traralgon VIC 11/6/71
Canberra 28/10/71
Orange NSW 22/11/71
Melbourne 2/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 6/1/72
Tamworth NSW 11/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 31/1/72
Wollongong NSW 2/4/72


Ep. 32: Tony Bazell and Stewart Ginn.

33. The Missile

Commander G. Finch.......Terry McDermott

Script.......Lee Robinson
From an original story by.......Harry Woollerton
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A live missile embedded in the coral reef makes a dangerous proving ground for a celebrated Royal Australian Navy diver who has lost his nerve.

Toowoomba QLD 10/6/71
Traralgon VIC 16/7/71
Canberra 21/10/71
Orange NSW 14/11/71
Melbourne 26/12/71
Tamworth NSW 21/1/72
Maryborough QLD 7/3/72
Wollongong NSW 26/3/72


24.jpg (12429 bytes)
Ep. 33: Terry McDermott and Rowena Wallace.

34. His Majesty Regrets

Gilda Flemming.......Valerie Taylor

Script.......Ross Napier
From an original story by.......Malcolm McLeod
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A monster turtle and a blonde diver girl form a strange alliance to frustrate the Minus Five team's latest assignment.

Traralgon VIC 23/7/71
Canberra 16/12/71
Melbourne 20/2/72
Orange NSW 9/1/72
Tamworth NSW 19/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 17/2/72
Port Pirie SA 30/10/73

35. Voices In The Deep

Script.......Brian Faull
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: Foreign voices are heard by Kip over the radio as he searches below the Endeavour for one of his tools. The Minus Five team are challenged by strange divers who accuse them of spying.

Traralgon VIC 30/7/71
Toowoomba QLD 19/8/71
Rockhampton QLD 5/10/71
Canberra 9/12/71
Orange NSW 2/1/72
Tamworth NSW 12/1/72
Melbourne 13/2/72
Wollongong NSW 14/5/72


23.jpg (13023 bytes)
Ep. 34: Valerie Taylor.

36. Pilgrims Progress

Pilgrim.......Willie Fennell
de Vuess.......Owen Weingott
Wilcox.......Lex Mitchell

Script.......Ross Napier
From an original story by.......Fay Adams
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: A desk-type security agent involves the Minus Five team in a dangerous duel with jet-boats when two men are discovered tapping an undersea cable and selling information to a foreign power.

Traralgon VIC 25/6/71
Brisbane 6/11/71
Orange NSW 5/12/71
Melbourne 16/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 20/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 14/2/72
Adelaide 18/2/72
Wollongong NSW 16/4/72


48.jpg (8394 bytes)
Ep. 36: Willie Fennell

37. Oysters Never Tell

Charlie Williams.......Chuck Kehoe

Script.......John McCallum
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team play cops and robbers with a pearl smuggler, and one of the team becomes trapped in an underwater cave.

Traralgon VIC 10/9/71
Rockhampton QLD 9/11/71
Canberra 20/1/72
Orange NSW 13/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 23/3/72
Melbourne 26/3/72
Maryborough QLD 6/6/72

38. Bird Cage

Annette Conway.......Judy McBurney
Alan Conway.......John Bonney
Doug Conway.......David Foster

Script.......Ross Napier
From an original story by.......Harry Woollerton
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team become involved in a lover's quarrel, which quickly turns very serious when the girl involved is trapped in a cage on the sea bed, and all evidence points to attempted murder.

Traralgon VIC 3/9/71
Rockhampton QLD 2/11/71
Canberra 13/1/72
Orange NSW 6/2/72
Brisbane 26/2/72
Melbourne 19/3/72
Maryborough QLD 30/5/72
Port Pirie SA 27/11/73

39. The Fence

Script.......Brian Faull
From an original story by.......Harry Woollerton
Director.......Peter Maxwell

Synopsis: The Minus Five team need all their skill to locate and rescue Kip Young, who has been overcome by the energy force of a sonic fence which was laid to warn submarines approaching the Great Barrier Reef.

Traralgon VIC 17/9/71
Rockhampton QLD 16/11/71
Canberra 27/1/72
Orange NSW 20/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 30/3/72
Melbourne 2/4/72
Sydney 4/12/72


22.jpg (15103 bytes)
Ep. 37: George Assang, Joe James and Chuck Kehoe.







21.jpg (22973 bytes)
Joe James and Rowena Wallace.