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LENGTH: 30 mins.
FORMAT: Mono, film and video integration.
PRODUCTION: 1971 - 1972 Bruning, Bell & Partners; later Gemini Productions.

Chris Johnson.......ROBERT BRUNING
Gary Peterson.......ERIC OLDFIELD
Maria Varga.......ANNA VOLSKA
Peter Fairhall.......MICHAEL LAURENCE (Eps 1 - 26, then guest appearances)
Dave Milson.......HAROLD HOPKINS (Eps 27 - 72)
Elizabeth Dent.......tina grenville

Mrs. Parsons.......EVE WYNNE
Mrs. Frenchman.......QUEENIE ASHTON

Producer.......ROBERT BRUNING
Theme song written and performed by.......MICHAEL CAULFIELD

1972 Logie: Best Comedy series.


1. The Beginning

Synopsis: Maria Varga, crippled mother of Mike Varga, decides to take in boarders to help make ends meet, but Mike is opposed to the idea. He resents the new boarders until they throw a surprise birthday party for him. He then adopts them as his ‘godfathers’.

Melbourne 10/5/71
Sydney 14/5/71
Brisbane 20/7/71
Orange NSW 17/8/71
Canberra 24/9/71
Toowoomba QLD 30/11/71
Maryborough QLD 23/12/71
Rockhampton QLD 4/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 18/2/72
Lismore NSW 18/2/72

2. The Wooing Of Elizabeth

Molly.......Phillipa Baker
Waiter.......Tony Thurbon
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne
Mrs. Frenchman.......Queenie Ashton

Director.......Bill Hughes
Executive Producer.......Jeff Ashby

Synopsis: Peter draws the short straw to take Elizabeth Dent from the Juvenile Care Department to dinner, in order to win her approval for the Godfathers and the Varga household situation. However, the evening does not go as well as planned.

Melbourne 17/5/71
Sydney 21/5/71

Brisbane 27/7/71
Orange NSW 24/8/71
Canberra 1/10/71
Maryborough QLD 30/12/71

3. In The Dog House

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Synopsis: Mike takes a dog from a nearby park, and when the police arrive looking for it he runs away from home. Mrs. Parsons confesses to having reported the incident, and when Mike returns he finds a surprise waiting for him – a new puppy, whom he names Person.

Melbourne 24/5/71
Sydney 28/5/71
Brisbane 3/8/71
Orange NSW 31/8/71
Canberra 8/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 14/12/71
Maryborough QLD 6/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 18/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 3/3/72
Lismore NSW 3/3/72

4. Chris's Health Kick

Synopsis: Chris decides he is at the 'dangerous age', and goes on a health kick which causes chaos in the household.

Melbourne 31/5/71
Sydney 4/6/71
Tamworth NSW 13/7/71
Brisbane 10/8/71
Wollongong NSW 27/8/71
Canberra 15/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 21/12/71
Maryborough QLD 13/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 25/1/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 10/3/72
Lismore NSW 10/3/72

5. Where There's Smoke

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne
Mrs. Frenchman.......Queenie Ashton

Director.......Bill Hughes
Executive Producer.......Jeff Ashby

Synopsis: When Mike is caught smoking, Chris and Pete feel they should set him an example and both attempt to give up smoking themselves.

Melbourne 14/6/71
Sydney 18/6/71
Tamworth NSW 27/7/71
Newcastle NSW 6/8/71
Brisbane 17/8/71
Orange NSW 14/9/71
Canberra 22/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 28/12/71
Maryborough QLD 20/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 1/2/72

6. That Lady

Synopsis: Chris becomes infatuated with Charlene Dawkins - a 'lady of dubious character' - and Mike turns into a monster child when he brings her home.

Melbourne 21/6/71
Sydney 11/6/71
Tamworth NSW 20/7/71
Brisbane 24/8/71
Wollongong NSW 3/9/71
Adelaide 7/9/71
Orange NSW 21/9/71
Canberra 29/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 4/1/72
Maryborough QLD 27/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 8/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 24/3/72
Lismore NSW 24/3/72

7. Quarantine Days

Dr. John Evans.......Noel Trevarthen
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Synopsis: Mike catches chicken pox and gives them to Chris. Maria's doctor, Dr. John Evans, comes to treat the two patients and begins to show a great interest in Maria.

Sydney 25/6/71
Melbourne 28/6/71
Tamworth NSW 3/8/71
Newcastle NSW 13/8/71
Brisbane 31/8/71
Shepparton VIC 7/9/71
Wollongong NSW 17/9/71
Orange NSW 28/9/71
Canberra 5/11/71

Toowoomba QLD 11/1/72
Maryborough QLD 3/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 15/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 31/3/72
Lismore NSW 31/3/72

8. The Proposal

Dr. John Evans.......Noel Trevarthen

Synopsis: Dr. John Evans proposes to Maria and wants to take her and Mike to America to live. The other members of the household are helpless to prevent it until Mike hits on an idea.

Sydney 2/7/71
Melbourne 5/7/71
Tamworth NSW 10/8/71
Newcastle NSW 20/8/71
Brisbane 7/9/71
Wollongong NSW 24/9/71
Orange NSW 5/10/71
Canberra 12/11/71
Toowoomba QLD 18/1/72
Maryborough QLD 9/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 22/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 7/4/72
Lismore NSW 7/4/72

9. The Burglar And Mike

Jamieson.......Gordon Chater

Synopsis: Mike is left alone in the house and meets Mr. Jamieson, a very inept burglar. A friendship springs up between them, and Peter launches the muddle-headed burglar on a new career.

Notes: The part of Jamieson was specially written for Gordon Chater.

Sydney 9/7/71
Melbourne 19/7/71
Tamworth NSW 17/8/71
Newcastle NSW 27/8/71
Brisbane 14/9/71
Wollongong NSW 1/10/71
Orange NSW 12/10/71
Canberra 26/11/71
Toowoomba QLD 25/1/72
Maryborough QLD 16/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 29/2/72

10. The Witch

Synopsis: Gary becomes involved and enamoured with Venus O'Reilly, a young 'witch'. Chris, Peter and Elizabeth worry about Gary, and follow them to a discotheque disguised as hippies.

Melbourne 12/7/71
Sydney 16/7/71
Tamworth NSW 24/8/71
Newcastle NSW 3/9/71
Brisbane 21/9/71
Wollongong NSW 8/10/71
Orange NSW 19/10/71
Canberra 3/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 1/2/72
Maryborough QLD 23/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 7/3/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 21/4/72
Lismore NSW 21/4/72

11. The Old Wolves And The Young Wolf

Synopsis: Elizabeth persuades Mike to join the Wolf Cubs, thereby involving the entire household in several unusual mishaps.

Sydney 23/7/71
Melbourne 26/7/71
Tamworth NSW 31/8/71
Brisbane 28/9/71
Wollongong NSW 15/10/71
Adelaide 19/10/71
Orange NSW 26/10/71
Canberra 10/12/71
Mildura VIC 20/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 8/2/72
Maryborough QLD 1/3/72

12. Please God, Send Me A Bike

Dusty Rhodes.......Peter Whitford

Synopsis: To get the money for the bike he has his eye on, Mike decides to do a TV commercial for Nutty Fruits, and puts himself in the hands of Dusty Rhodes, an eccentric director.

Sydney 30/7/71
Melbourne 2/8/71
Newcastle NSW 17/9/71
Wollongong NSW 22/10/71
Orange NSW 2/11/71
Canberra 17/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 15/2/72
Maryborough QLD 8/3/72
Lismore NSW 5/5/72

13. The Clown's Face

Miss Lovelace.......Colleen Clifford

Director.......Bill Hughes

Synopsis: Mike wins a children's art competition and is proclaimed a genius by the competition organiser, Miss Lovelace, but Mike has to confess that he did not win the competition honestly.

Sydney 6/8/71
Melbourne 9/8/71
Tamworth NSW 14/9/71
Orange NSW 9/11/71
Canberra 24/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 22/2/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 12/5/72
Lismore NSW 12/5/72

14. The Dentist

'Painless' Plunkett.......Ron Haddrick
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Director.......Bill Hughes

Synopsis: Peter and Chris suddenly find themselves the unwilling patients of a happy dentist, 'Painless' Plunkett, when they undertake to accompany Mike after he has complained of a toothache.

Sydney 3/9/71
Tamworth NSW 12/10/71
Newcastle NSW 22/10/71
Adelaide 9/11/71
Orange NSW 16/11/71
Canberra 31/12/71
Toowoomba QLD 29/2/72
Traralgon VIC 11/3/72
Maryborough QLD 23/3/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 19/5/72
Lismore NSW 19/5/72

15. So Who's Going To Be The Father?

Synopsis: Mr. Papadopoulous, the local butcher, challenges Peter to an exhibition boxing match when Peter decides to accompany Mike to the school Fathers Day picnic.

Melbourne 16/8/71
Sydney 20/8/71
Tamworth NSW 28/9/71
Newcastle NSW 8/10/71
Brisbane 2/11/71
Orange NSW 23/11/71
Canberra 7/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 7/3/72

16. The Paper Boys

Synopsis: Mike catches a 24-hour virus from his friend Kevin, and the Godfathers volunteer to take over his paper round.

Sydney 13/8/71
Tamworth NSW 21/9/71
Brisbane 9/11/71
Orange NSW 30/11/71
Canberra 14/1/72
Maryborough QLD 6/4/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 2/6/72
Lismore NSW 2/6/72
Ballarat VIC 16/7/72

17. The Dark Is Not Light Enough

Director.......Bill Hughes

Synopsis: Mike develops a fear of the dark, and the Godfathers contrive various ways to effect a cure. Meanwhile Elizabeth and Maria visit a Greek club.

Melbourne 20/9/71
Brisbane 16/11/71
Wollongong NSW 26/11/71
Orange NSW 7/12/71
Canberra 21/1/72
Toowoomba QLD 21/3/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 9/6/72
Lismore NSW 9/6/72

18. Some Enchanted Evening

'Office wolf'.......Walter Sullivan
Russian lady.......Doris Goddard

Synopsis: Peter and Elizabeth both suffer from the attentions of unwelcome visitors. Elizabeth is landed with the office wolf while Peter, alone at home, is confronted with an amorous Russian of Amazonian proportions.

Sydney 17/9/71
Melbourne 27/9/71
Brisbane 23/11/71
Wollongong NSW 3/12/71
Adelaide 7/12/71
Orange NSW 14/12/71
Canberra 28/1/72
Mildura VIC 9/3/72
Maryborough QLD 20/4/72

1. The Beginning
2. The Wooing Of Elizabeth
3. In The Dog House
4. Chris's Health Kick
5. Where There’s Smoke
6. That Lady
7. Quarantine Days
8. The Proposal
9. The Burglar And Mike
10. The Witch
11. The Old Wolves And The Young Wolf
12. Please God, Send Me A Bike
13. The Clown's Face
14. The Dentist
15. So Who's Going To Be The Father?
16. The Paper Boys
17. The Dark Is Not Light Enough
18. Some Enchanted Evening
19. Waltzing Matilda
20. The Star
21. Love Makes The World Go Round
22. Me And My Shadow
23. The Two Faces Of Madame Zelda
24. The Golden Horse
25. The Engagement
26. I Do, I Don't 
Final Michael Laurence
27. The Newcomer 
First Harold Hopkins
28. The Joker
29. Uncle Frank
30. The Lonely Hearts Club
31. African Safari
32. Maria Strikes Back
33. The Kidnapping Of Person
34. Symphony For Three
35. The Waif
36. The Old Puppeteer
37. Full House
38. Pop Goes Mike
39. Snakes Alive
40. Art For Lark's Sake
41. All At Sea
42. The Bully
43. There's A Tortoise In My Bath
44. The Sporting Life
45. The Veteran
46. A Ghost Called Alf
47. The Model Muddle
48. The Lift
49. Dave's Debut Or Call Me Fred
50. The Bindi Patch
51. The Muse
52. Too Many Cakes
53. The Heirloom
54. The New Addition
55. The Migrant
56. The Decorator
57. L For Learner
58. Mike And The Beanstalk
59. The Enchanted Bone
60. The Case Of The Disappearing Rabbit
61. The Plaster Cast Caper
62. The Longest Night
63. The Big Show
64. The Prize
65. The House On Ferris Street
66. Double Trouble
67. Autumn Time
68. Tender Time
69. Bundle Of Trouble
70. The Plot
71. The Diary Snatcher
72. The Wedding










Ashley Grenville




19. Waltzing Matilda

Matilda Mathews.......Jacki Weaver
Himself.......Brian Henderson
.......Colleen Clifford

Synopsis: Matilda Mathews, a daughter of an old friend of Maria's, comes to stay. Mike and the Godfathers convert her from a plain, shy girl into an attractive woman and launch her on a career as a pop singer.

Notes: Brian Henderson, host of music show Bandstand and TCN-9 newsreader, appears as himself.

Sydney 27/8/71
Melbourne 13/9/71
Tamworth NSW 5/10/71
Newcastle NSW 15/10/71
Wollongong NSW 10/12/71
Orange NSW 21/12/71
Canberra 4/2/72

20. The Star

Dina Jackson.......Noeline Brown

Synopsis: Film star Dina Jackson returns home after 20 years, and stays in the Varga household. She intends to make Chris, a childhood sweetheart, her fourth husband.

Sydney 8/10/71
Melbourne 18/10/71
Tamworth NSW 2/11/71
Wollongong NSW 17/12/71
Orange NSW 28/12/71
Canberra 11/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 4/4/72
Maryborough QLD 4/5/72

21. Love Makes The World Go Round

Synopsis: Mike meets his first love, a little girl called Samantha. The Godfathers discover that she has a terminal condition, and, wondering how to break it to Mike gently, they discover that he knew all along.

Sydney 24/9/71
Melbourne 4/10/71
Tamworth NSW 9/11/71
Brisbane 14/12/71
Wollongong NSW 24/12/71
Orange NSW 4/1/72
Canberra 18/2/72
Maryborough QLD 11/5/72

22. Me And My Shadow

Violet Crumphorne.......Beryl Cheers

Synopsis: Chris plays The Red Shadow in a local amateur production of 'The Desert Song' opposite Violet Crumphorne, and she develops a crush on him.

Sydney 22/10/71
Melbourne 1/11/71
Tamworth NSW 16/11/71
Wollongong NSW 31/12/71
Brisbane 11/1/72
Orange NSW 11/1/72
Adelaide 15/2/72
Canberra 25/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 3/6/72


Ep. 19: Brian Henderson and Jacki Weaver

23. The Two Faces Of Madame Zelda

Madame Zelda.......June Salter
.......Stuart Wagstaff

Synopsis: Peter delves into astrology and meets Madame Zelda. He starts to live by her predictions until she is revealed as a fake and turns out to be not quite what he expected.

Sydney 15/10/71
Melbourne 25/10/71
Tamworth NSW 23/11/71
Newcastle NSW 3/12/71
Brisbane 4/1/72
Wollongong NSW 7/1/72
Orange NSW 18/1/72
Canberra 3/3/72
Toowoomba QLD 18/4/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 21/7/72
Lismore NSW 21/7/72

24. The Golden Horse

Mr. Peterson.......Tom Farley

Synopsis: Gary's father comes to stay and sees the whole house being turned upside down when Gary dreams of a horse called Gold Bridge, and talks everyone into going to the races.

Sydney 1/10/71
Melbourne 11/10/71
Tamworth NSW 30/11/71
Newcastle NSW 10/12/71
Brisbane 21/12/71
Wollongong NSW 14/1/72
Orange NSW 25/1/72
Canberra 10/3/72
Maryborough QLD 1/6/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 28/7/72
Lismore NSW 28/7/72

25. The Engagement

Helen Fraser.......Fay Kelton

Synopsis: Peter spends a lost night, and next morning finds himself engaged to his girlfriend Helen Fraser, after proposing in a mad moment the night before. Try as he might, he cannot bring himself to break the engagement.

Sydney 29/10/71
Melbourne 8/11/71
Tamworth NSW 7/12/71
Newcastle NSW 17/12/71
Brisbane 25/1/72
Wollongong NSW 21/1/72
Orange NSW 1/2/72
Toowoomba QLD 16/5/72
Maryborough QLD 8/6/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 4/8/72
Lismore NSW 4/8/72


Ep. 23: Stuart Wagstaff and June Salter

26. I Do, I Don't

Helen Fraser.......Fay Kelton
.......John Taylor
.......Gladys Anderson

Synopsis: Peter reduces the house to chaos on his wedding day. Getting him to the altar proves to be a difficult task, as he makes every effort to get out of the wedding right up to the last minute.

Notes: Final episode with Michael Laurence as a regular cast member, although he continued to make frequent guest appearances as Peter Fairhall. When this script was written a definite decision had not been made on the writing-out of Peter, and an alternative ending was prepared, but not filmed.

Sydney 5/11/71
Melbourne 15/11/71
Tamworth NSW 14/12/71
Brisbane 1/2/72
Orange NSW 8/2/72
Canberra 31/3/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 11/8/72
Lismore NSW 11/8/72

27. The Newcomer

Synopsis: Peter sends Maria a new boarder, Dave Milson, much to her dismay. When he arrives he is met with a lack of enthusiasm from all, and Mike is determined that no-one is going to take Peter's place.

Notes: First episode with Harold Hopkins as David Milson.

Sydney 12/11/71
Melbourne 22/11/71
Tamworth NSW 21/12/71
Brisbane 8/2/72
Orange NSW 15/2/72
Canberra 7/4/72
Maryborough QLD 22/6/72
Toowoomba QLD 24/6/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 18/8/72
Lismore NSW 18/8/72

28. The Joker

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne
Bloke on boat.......George Gray

Director.......Bill Hughes
Script from a story by.......Deirdre Dillon
Performances produced by.......Alister Smart
In charge of production.......David Hannay

Synopsis: Mike becomes a practical joker and victimises the entire household. The tables turn when he finds himself in the position of the 'boy who cried wolf', and he and Dave are marooned on an island.

Notes: Tina Grenville does not appear in this episode.

Sydney 19/11/71
Melbourne 29/11/71
Tamworth NSW 28/12/71
Brisbane 15/2/72
Orange NSW 22/2/72
Canberra 19/5/72

29. Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank.......Alfred Sandor

Director.......Bill Hughes

Synopsis: Maria becomes deeply upset when a brother-in-law she has not seen for many years arrives from Europe, with the intention of taking Mike away with him for a year to see the world.

Sydney 3/12/71
Melbourne 6/12/71
Tamworth NSW 4/1/72
Brisbane 22/2/72
Orange NSW 29/2/72
Wollongong NSW 10/3/72
Maryborough QLD 6/7/72
Toowoomba QLD 8/7/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 1/9/72
Lismore NSW 1/9/72

30. The Lonely Hearts Club

Peter Fairhall.......Michael Laurence

Synopsis: Peter arrives back from his honeymoon and takes up residence at the Varga house again after a row with his wife. In an effort to bring about reconciliation, the members of the household succeed only in having him arrested.

Sydney 10/12/71
Melbourne 13/12/71
Tamworth NSW 11/1/72
Brisbane 29/2/72
Orange NSW 7/3/72

Canberra 21/4/72

31. African Safari

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Director.......Bill Hughes
Script from a screen treatment by.......Marcia Hatfield
Performances produced by.......Alister Smart
In charge of production.......David Hannay

Synopsis: When Mike arrives home from school with a project on African animals, the Godfathers decide a trip to the zoo is the answer. Matters become complicated when Mike discovers Dave has a secret and could be sent to jail.

Melbourne 3/1/72
Sydney 7/1/72
Maryborough QLD 20/7/72
Toowoomba QLD 22/7/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 15/9/72
Lismore NSW 15/9/72

32. Maria Strikes Back

Mrs. Frenchman.......Queenie Ashton

Synopsis: Maria feels she is not being appreciated and goes on strike, leaving Mike and the Godfathers to fend for themselves. Chaos reigns until they enlist the aid of Mrs. Frenchman.

Sydney 31/12/71
Maryborough QLD 27/7/72
Toowoomba QLD 29/7/72
Traralgon VIC 28/1/73

33. The Kidnapping Of Person

Synopsis: Maria is broken-hearted when she witnesses the kidnapping of Mike's dog by an old tramp from the front of the house. Fearing the dog may have been poisoned, the Godfathers set out to find him.

Sydney 17/12/71
Melbourne 20/12/71
Shepparton VIC 9/3/72
Brisbane 21/3/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 29/9/72
Lismore NSW 29/9/72

34. Symphony For Three

.......Georgina West

Synopsis: A beautiful young musician moves in next door. To compete for her attention, Dave and Gary take up music with a vengeance that shatters the peace of the entire street, as Dave's saxophone and Gary's drums prove too much for everybody.

Melbourne 10/1/72
Sydney 14/1/72
Maryborough QLD 3/8/72
Toowoomba QLD 12/8/72
Port Pirie SA 24/10/73

35. The Waif

.......Robert Gray

Synopsis: Elizabeth begs Maria to take in a small orphan boy for a week in the hope that she and the boys can get him to talk again in a relaxed family atmosphere. Before the week is out the child has found his way into all their hearts.

Melbourne 17/1/72
Sydney 21/1/72
Brisbane 4/4/72
Maryborough QLD 10/8/72
Toowoomba QLD 19/8/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 13/10/72
Lismore NSW 13/10/72
Port Pirie SA 31/10/73

36. The Old Puppeteer

Peter Fairhall.......Michael Laurence

Synopsis: Mike befriends an old puppeteer whose only friends are his puppets and the children he performs for. The household wonders at Mike's mysterious comings and goings and enlist Peter's aid in finding the answer.

Sydney 4/2/72
Melbourne 7/2/72
Tamworth NSW 21/2/72
Orange NSW 18/4/72
Canberra 2/6/72
Maryborough QLD 17/8/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 20/10/72
Lismore NSW 20/10/72
Port Pirie SA 7/11/73

37. Full House

.......Max Osbiston

Synopsis: Chris brings an old Army buddy home to stay who becomes attracted to Elizabeth and proposes marriage to her. As Elizabeth stays in the house as well, Maria finds that having a full house can be an awkward problem.

Melbourne 21/2/72
Sydney 25/2/72
Maryborough QLD 31/8/72
Toowoomba QLD 2/9/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 27/10/72
Lismore NSW 27/10/72
Port Pirie SA 14/11/73


Ep. 26: Eric Oldfield, Robert Bruning, Michael Laurence, Anna Volska, Ashley Grenville and Fay Kelton.

38. Pop Goes Mike

Himself.......Ronnie Burns
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Director.......Bill Hughes
Producer song performances.......Alister Smart
Associate Producer.......David Hannay

Synopsis: Gary joins a local pop group as their drummer, but Mike sees him as a star and tells everybody at school that Gary is a personal friend of hit singer Ronnie Burns.

Notes: Ronnie Burns appears as himself, and performs his hit song 'Smiley'.

Melbourne 24/1/72
Sydney 28/1/72
Tamworth NSW 28/2/72
Brisbane 18/4/72
Maryborough QLD 7/9/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 3/11/72
Lismore NSW 3/11/72
Port Pirie SA 21/11/73

39. Snakes Alive

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Synopsis: Gary's Uncle Ben arrives from the country and gives Mike a six-foot carpet snake called Cecil. Mrs. Parsons is appalled when she sees the ‘swaggie’ move in across the road, and is even more appalled when she learns Cecil has escaped.

Sydney 11/2/72
Melbourne 14/2/72
Tamworth NSW 6/3/72
Adelaide 9/6/72
Maryborough QLD 14/9/72
Toowoomba 16/9/72

40. Art For Lark's Sake

Maggie Lark.......Benita Collings

Director.......Bill Hughes
Script from a story by.......Kevin Johnston
Performances produced by.......Alister Smart
Associate Producer.......David Hannay

Synopsis: Gary falls for Mike's art teacher, Miss Lark, and takes up painting. But Miss Lark is also a competent athlete, and Gary finds himself competing with her in more ways than he bargained for in an effort to impress her.

Melbourne 6/3/72
Sydney 10/3/72
Tamworth NSW 26/3/72
Orange NSW 16/5/72
Adelaide 30/6/72
Maryborough QLD 21/9/72

41. All At Sea

Synopsis: Mike sees Chris with an attractive woman and is convinced Chris has a romantic interest in her. He tells everyone about it and becomes quite jealous of Chris's attachment, but Chris reveals a big surprise for them all.

Melbourne 28/2/72
Sydney 3/3/72
Tamworth NSW 30/3/72
Brisbane 9/5/72
Maryborough QLD 28/9/72
Toowoomba QLD 30/9/72
Port Pirie SA 12/12/73
Coffs Harbour NSW 12/1/74
Lismore NSW

42. The Bully

'Butch' Buckley.......Larry Crane

Synopsis: Mike is picked on by the local bully, 'Butch' Buckley, and ends up with a pair of black eyes. So Dave decides to teach Mike to defend himself - with rather comical consequences. With the help of the Godfathers the situation is eventually resolved and Mike and Butch become firm friends.

Tamworth NSW 16/4/72
Brisbane 3/6/72
Albury NSW 16/6/72
Melbourne 12/8/72
Maryborough QLD 12/10/72
Toowoomba QLD 14/10/72
Port Pirie SA 19/12/73
Coffs Harbour NSW 19/1/74
Lismore NSW

43. There's A Tortoise In My Bath

Director.......Alister Smart

Synopsis: Mike decides that he wants to be a vet when he grows up, so he begins his career early by bringing all the stray and sick animals he finds in the neighbourhood into the house.

Melbourne 13/3/72
Sydney 17/3/72
Tamworth NSW 2/4/72
Orange NSW 30/5/72
Maryborough QLD 5/10/72
Toowoomba QLD 7/10/72
Port Pirie SA 26/12/73
Coffs Harbour NSW 26/1/74
Lismore NSW

44. The Sporting Life

Synopsis: Maria's confidence is shattered when she bravely goes on her first shopping trip in her wheelchair and is involved in a collision. But the accident turns out to be a stroke of good luck and a new friend introduces her to a sports club where she regains her basketball skills.

Melbourne 27/3/72
Sydney 7/4/72
Maryborough QLD 19/10/72
Toowoomba QLD 21/10/72
Port Pirie SA 2/1/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 2/2/74
Lismore NSW

45. The Veteran

Synopsis: Paul Bailey, the son of a neighbour, returns home from service in Vietnam while his parents away on holidays, so Maria and the Godfathers take him into their house as a guest. But they are dismayed to find  that he disappears with Gary's motorbike.

Melbourne 15/4/72
Sydney 21/4/72
Mt Gambier SA 21/9/72
Maryborough QLD 26/10/72
Toowoomba QLD 28/10/72
Port Pirie SA 9/1/74

46. A Ghost Called Alf

Synopsis: Maria and the Godfathers find themselves in trouble when they start delving into the unknown with the help of a delightful elderly mystic called Prunella Davis.

Melbourne 29/4/72
Brisbane 24/6/72
Maryborough QLD 2/11/72
Toowoomba QLD 4/11/72
Port Pirie SA 16/1/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 16/2/74
Lismore NSW


Ep. 38: Ronnie Burns and Ashley Grenville

47. The Model Muddle

Synopsis: Elizabeth almost becomes a top model when the boss of an advertising agency spots her and decides her face is the one they want for a new campaign.

Tamworth NSW 4/6/72
Brisbane 22/7/72
Port Pirie SA 23/1/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 23/2/74
Lismore NSW

48. The Lift

Peter Fairhall.......Michael Laurence

Director.......Alister Smart

Synopsis: Peter has a small domestic row with his wife and spends the night on the couch at the Varga house. The row is settled in the morning, but trouble starts brewing again when he and Dave vanish for nearly 12 hours.

Melbourne 20/5/72
Tamworth NSW 28/5/72
Shepparton VIC 15/6/72
Canberra 1/9/72
Maryborough QLD 16/11/72
Toowoomba QLD 18/11/72
Port Pirie SA 30/1/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 2/3/74
Lismore NSW

49. Dave's Debut Or Call Me Fred

.......Carlu Carter

Synopsis: Dave is in a flutter - he has been asked to act as an escort to a debutante’s ball, and he is not a competent dancer. The household team together to help Dave gain confidence.

Melbourne 13/5/72
Sydney 26/5/72
Brisbane 8/7/72
Maryborough QLD 23/11/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 9/3/74

. The Bindi Patch

.......John Meillon Jr.
.......John Ewart Jr.

Synopsis: During a ball game Mike smashes Mrs. Parson's window. As a punishment, it is agreed that Mike should mow her lawn for several weeks - but trouble starts when Mike's friends decide to lend a hand.

Melbourne 6/5/72
Brisbane 1/7/72
Maryborough QLD 30/11/72
Toowoomba QLD 2/12/72
Coffs Harbour NSW 16/3/74

51. The Muse

.......Peter Reynolds

Synopsis: Dave faces disappointment when the manuscript for his novel is completely rejected by the publishers. Mike then acts as his agent, with disastrous results.

Notes: Listed in some programme guides as 'The Muse Is Heard'.

Sydney 2/6/72
Melbourne 3/6/72
Brisbane 29/7/72
Port Pirie SA 20/2/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 23/3/74

52. Too Many Cakes

Peter Fairhall.......Michael Laurence
Mrs. Mabel Jubb.......Hilda Scurr
‘Butch’ Buckley.......Larry Crane

Director.......Alister Smart

Synopsis: Mike's birthday is coming up and it looks like the whole household has forgotten.

Melbourne 10/6/72
Tamworth NSW 18/6/72
Brisbane 5/8/72
Maryborough QLD 14/12/72
Port Pirie SA 27/2/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 30/3/74

53. The Heirloom

.......Gerry Duggan

Synopsis: Maria has lost her treasured family heirloom - a valuable diamond brooch. Trouble starts brewing when she discovers Mike has taken it to school to show off to his mates.

Melbourne 17/6/72
Tamworth NSW 25/6/72
Adelaide 22/9/72
Toowoomba QLD 3/12/72
Port Pirie SA 6/3/74

54. The New Addition

Synopsis: The Varga household is thrown into delightful chaos when Elizabeth Dent reveals a surprising secret - that she has been married and is now expecting a baby.

Melbourne 22/7/72

Tamworth NSW 30/7/72
Port Pirie SA 3/4/74
Broken Hill NSW 10/4/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 4/5/74

55. The Migrant

Mrs. Mabel Jubb.......Hilda Scurr
.......Tony Wager

Synopsis: A neighbour, Mrs. Jubb, plays cupid with her fortune-hunting nephew and Maria when she mistakenly believes that the Varga family have won the lottery. The Godfathers come to the rescue.

Melbourne 8/7/72
Tamworth NSW 9/7/72
Adelaide 6/10/72
Port Pirie SA 13/3/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 13/4/74

56. The Decorator

Decorator.......Colin Croft

Synopsis: Maria decides that the house is in need of redecorating, so she calls in a flamboyant, professional interior decorator who has some unorthodox ideas - including painting the living room black.

Melbourne 5/8/72
Newcastle NSW 1/9/72
Brisbane 2/9/72
Port Pirie SA 10/4/74
Toowoomba QLD 26/4/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 11/5/74


Robert Bruning

57. 'L' For Learner

Synopsis: Dave decides to get his driving licence and buys a suspiciously broken down, second-hand car. But he hadn't bargained for the reaction of the local driving school instructors.

Director.......Alister Smart
Film Director.......Bill Hughes
Associate Producer.......David Hannay
Creative Consultant.......Michael Laurence

Melbourne 29/7/72
Sydney 4/8/72
Brisbane 16/9/72
Port Pirie SA 17/4/74
Toowoomba QLD 3/5/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 18/5/74

58. Mike And The Beanstalk

Synopsis: Mike has a series of mysterious dreams - or at least they seem like dreams.

Melbourne 1/7/72
Sydney 7/7/72
Brisbane 19/8/72
Port Pirie SA 20/3/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 20/4/74

59. The Enchanted Bone

Synopsis: Mike makes a new friend - an Aboriginal boy who lives with his grandfather in a cave on a nearby reserve. Trouble starts when Mike delves into tribal customs.

Sydney 18/8/72
Melbourne 19/8/72
Brisbane 30/9/72
Port Pirie SA 24/4/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 25/5/74

60. The Case Of The Disappearing Rabbit

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Synopsis: Elizabeth gives Mike a pet rabbit that causes complete chaos in the household. When the rabbit keeps escaping into Mrs. Parsons’ home, she is furious and threatens to make a pot of rabbit stew if it happens again.

Sydney 25/8/72
Melbourne 26/8/72
Brisbane 6/10/72
Toowoomba QLD 19/4/74
Port Pirie SA 1/5/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 1/6/74

61. The Plaster Cast Caper

Daisy Simmons.......Maggie Kirkpatrick

Script from a story by.......Kevin Johnston
Director.......Alister Smart
Film Director.......Bill Hughes
Associate Producer.......David Hannay
Creative Consultant.......Michael Laurence

Synopsis: Dave is landed with a lonely country girl whose energy and enthusiasm for  outings and dates leaves him drained. He decides to fake a broken leg in order to avoid her, but is caught out with disastrous results.

Sydney 1/9/72
Melbourne 2/9/72
Tamworth NSW 2/9/72
Brisbane 14/10/72
Adelaide 9/3/73
Port Pirie SA 8/5/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 8/6/74

62. The Longest Night

Synopsis: Elizabeth stays the night and disrupts the household by her craving for goat's milk and lychee nuts.

Melbourne 16/9/72
Brisbane 28/10/72
Port Pirie SA 15/5/74

63. The Big Show

Barbie Jones.......Barbara Wyndon
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Director.......Alister Smart
Film Director.......Bill Hughes
Associate Producer.......David Hannay
Creative Consultant.......Michael Laurence

Synopsis: An old friend of the Varga family, Barbie Jones, decides to leave her career in the Army and try her hand at show-biz. The first step is a performance at a concert for Mike's school.

Melbourne 15/7/72
Tamworth NSW 16/7/72
Sydney 21/7/72
Port Pirie SA 27/3/74
Toowoomba QLD 12/4/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 27/4/74

64. The Prize

Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne
.......Alan Fox
.......Christine Liddy

Director.......Alister Smart

Synopsis: Maria causes confusion in the household when she goes mad entering contests.

Melbourne 9/9/72
Brisbane 21/10/72
Port Pirie SA 22/5/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 22/6/74

65. The House On Ferris Street

.......Jennifer West

Synopsis: A mysterious stranger moves into the long deserted house on Ferris Street, and Mike becomes convinced that the new occupant is a ghost.

Tamworth NSW 16/9/72
Sydney 6/10/72
Melbourne 7/10/72
Brisbane 18/11/72
Port Pirie SA 29/5/74


Eric Oldfield

66. Double Trouble

.......Peter Northcote

Director.......Alister Smart

Synopsis: Mike unexpectedly comes face to face with his exact double who also lives in the neighbourhood. This leads to confusion and chaos in the Varga household.

Notes: This script and the casting of Mike’s double was the result of a national competition to find Ashley Grenville’s double. Peter Northcote was the winner.

Melbourne 30/9/72
Tamworth NSW 30/9/72
Brisbane 11/11/72
Toowoomba QLD 24/5/74
Port Pirie SA 5/6/74

67. Autumn Time

Synopsis: When Chris is attacked in his cab by a youth with a knife, he suddenly becomes discouraged by his inability to defend himself properly.

Melbourne 23/9/72
Tamworth NSW 7/10/72
Brisbane 4/11/72
Port Pirie SA 12/6/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 13/7/74

68. Tender Time

Synopsis: Mike develops a crush on his attractive new school teacher, and as a result becomes super critical of his mother. The Godfathers come to the aid of Maria and steer Mike out of the phase he is going through.

Melbourne 14/10/72
Brisbane 25/11/72
Adelaide 20/4/73
Port Pirie SA 19/6/74

69. Bundle Of Trouble

Peter Fairhall.......Michael Laurence
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne
Mrs. Frenchman.......Queenie Ashton

Synopsis: Peter is left alone to look after Mike for the night, and during the evening he discovers a baby left on the doorstep. He calls in assistance from neighbours Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Frenchman.

Notes: Listed in some programme guides as 'Other Stations' and 'Bundle Of Joy'.

Melbourne 21/10/72
Tamworth NSW 21/10/72
Sydney 27/10/72
Brisbane 2/12/72
Adelaide 27/4/73
Port Pirie SA 26/6/74

70. The Plot

Synopsis: Chris asks Maria to marry him, and when there is some indecision on Maria's part he goes to live under the house and will not come out until she accepts his proposal.

Melbourne 28/10/72
Brisbane 9/12/72
Port Pirie SA 3/7/74

71. The Diary Snatcher

Synopsis: Curiosity runs riot when the household discovers Mike is keeping a very secret diary. When the diary disappears suspicion falls on the members of the household.

Melbourne 4/11/72
Sydney 17/11/72
Brisbane 16/12/72
Adelaide 11/5/73
Port Pirie SA 10/7/74
Coffs Harbour NSW 10/8/74

72. The Wedding

Pete Fairhall.......Michael Laurence
Uncle Frank.......Alfred Sandor
Mrs. Parsons.......Eve Wynne

Director.......Alister Smart
Associate Producer.......David Hannay
Creative Consultant.......Michael Laurence

Synopsis: Mike relates the amusing events and utter confusion in the household which lead up to the wedding between his mother and Chris. Maria raises suspiciouns when she mysteriously leaves the house in a taxi every night and will not divulge where she is going. All ends well however, as Maria has been responding favourably to treatment at her clinic, and is able to walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

Notes: Listed in some programme guides as 'And They All Lived Happily Ever After', which was actually an on-screen caption used at the end of the episode.

Melbourne 11/11/72
Ballarat VIC 13/4/74
Port Pirie SA 17/5/74



Ep. 66: Ashley Grenville, Anna Volska and Peter Northcote, Ashley's 'double'.