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The episode details commence with broad information applicable to the whole series, followed by a brief episode title list for quick reference, and then details of individual episodes. A detailed explanation follows:

EPISODES: The number of episodes made. Details are given for any variables, such as pilot episodes.

LENGTH: Episode length in minutes. Details are given when variations to standard lengths occur. Length is expressed as intended for the timeslot - for example, a one-hour show is referred to as such, even though it may only have around 50 minutes of actual program time to allow for inclusion of advertisements. 

FORMAT: Technical standard, i.e. in mono (b&w) or colour, on film, videotape or kinescope.

PRODUCTION: Year(s) the series was produced, and by what production company.

RUNNING ORDER: There are usually three ways to list episodes in a series - the order they are produced, the order they are meant to be screened, and the order they are actually shown. The latter two are used in the episode guides: 'Official' refers to the intended running order; 'Airdate' refers to the order the series was first screened. Theoretically they should be the same, but often they are not. Official numbering is used in preference to airdate wherever known. Sometimes there are variations in official running order from differing sources (for example, a network may have a different 'official' order than the production company) - in these cases the most plausible order is used.

NETWORK: Which network the series originally appeared on. There were four networks in Australian capital cities during the period this site covers: Seven, Nine, 0-Ten (all commercial) and the public-owned ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission).

CAST: Regular cast members. When cast members were not in the whole series, the specific episodes they did appear in are noted. Guest cast are listed in the individual episode entries.

SUPPORT: Major supporting roles, but not regular cast members. Frequency of appearance can vary greatly. If they did not appear in all episodes, they are usually listed in the individual episode entries as well. Minor support roles and recurring characters are listed in the individual episode entries.

CREW: Crew members are listed here when applicable for the whole series; otherwise they are listed under the individual episodes when known. Crew details are usually limited to Scriptwriters, Directors and Producers.

AWARDS: Any awards won by the series, or by cast and crew working on the series.

EPISODE TITLE LIST: A quick reference of individual episode numbers and titles.

INDIVIDUAL EPISODES: First item is the episode number and title. Next are the guest cast for the episode, listed by character name followed by actor. If an actors name appears on its own (preceded by a sequence of dots) then the name of the character they play is not known. Crew members for the episode are listed next if they are not applicable for the whole series. The Synopsis gives a brief outline of the episode; Notes draws attention to any points of interest; and Airdate is when the episode was first screened (Melbourne airdates are usually included, other areas are provided if known).

If any information is not listed then it is either not known and/or is still being researched. Don't complain - what do you want for nothing?