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EPISODES:  14, including pilot.
30 Mins.
Mono, Video.
1970 - 1971 Cash-Harmon Production.

Laura Bent.......ROSLYN WILSON
Mark Sebel.......KEN JAMES
Jennifer Martin.......JENEE WELSH
Bob Jones.......GREGORY ROSS
Tinto.......TERRY O'NEILL
Jeremy Windham.......GREGORY de POLNAY

Director.......Hugh Taylor
Producers.......Don Cash & Bill Harmon
Staging.......DON CASH
Devised by.......anne hall

1971 Logie: Best comedy.

~ The Group  Pilot Episode
1. This Week She Wants To Be A Singer
2. This Week She Tries To Be Useful
3. This Week She's On A Diet
4. This Week She's Romantic
5. This Week She Travels
6. This Week She's Liberated
7. This Week She's Just Resting
8. This Week She's In Arrears
9. This Week She's Resting Again!
10. This Week She Has A Baby
11. This Week Her Virtue's Threatened
12. This Week She Has A Visitor
13. This Week She Has A Fellow

 ~ The Group

Laura Bent.......Wendy Hughes
Tinto's mother.......Neva Carr-Glynn

Script.......Michael Harris
From an idea by.......Anne Hall

Synopsis: For reasons of economy, three young men and two girls share a basement flat. They can see nothing wrong with the arrangement but the landlord has other views on the matter. The landlord is outraged when he finds one of his flats inhabited by assorted sexes, and is not convinced that the association of the tenants is financial rather than physical.

Notes: Pilot episode. Roslyn Wilson replaced Wendy Hughes as Laura in the series, due to theatre commitments. Screened by Seven along with four other pilot episodes, and viewers were asked to vote on which pilots should go into series production.

Sydney 25/1/71
Melbourne 27/1/71
Toowoomba QLD 17/2/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 15/3/71
Canberra 24/3/71
Brisbane 17/4/71
Orange NSW 28/5/71
Wollongong NSW 14/7/71


Pilot ep: Wendy Hughes and Ken James

1. This Week She Wants To Be A Singer

Mr. Sebel.......Ben Gabriel
Mrs. Sebel.......Marion Johns

Script.......David Sale

Synopsis: The group are preparing for a masquerade party when Mark’s parents arrive unannounced. Believing his parents would disapprove of his sharing a flat with girls, Mark makes unsuccessful attempts to smuggle the girls out of the flat. Jenny and Laura dress as men and are introduced as male flatmates, but Mark's father finds them both a little strange.


Sydney 25/8/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 5/10/71
Tamworth NSW 3/11/71
Canberra 14/12/71
Orange NSW 11/1/72
Maryborough QLD 8/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 18/2/72
Port Pirie SA 24/7/74


Terry O'Neill and Roslyn Wilson

2. This Week She Tries To Be Useful

.......Jack Allen

Synopsis: Tinto comes down into the flat to fix a blocked bathtub. Laura, through a series of misadventures, spills coffee, corn flakes and other stuff over him, reducing him to little or no clothing. To make amends, the group invite him to dinner - with disastrous results.

Melbourne 22/8/71
Brisbane 1/9/71
Adelaide 2/9/71
Newcastle NSW 21/9/71
Maryborough QLD 14/12/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 4/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 21/1/72
Canberra 1/2/72


Gregory de Polnay, Jenee Welsh and Roslyn Wilson

3. This Week She's On A Diet

Child Welfare Officer.......Janne Coghlan
Pamela.......Noeline Brown

Script.......David Sale

Synopsis: Laura has been offered a modelling job provided she can lose some weight. She tries everything to shed some kilos, and after one of her resultant jogging expeditions she enters the flat ravenously hungry. Tinto mistakes her condition and thinks she is pregnant, and sees it as an opportunity to get her evicted.


Sydney 1/9/71
Brisbane 8/9/71
Wollongong NSW 15/9/71
Toowoomba QLD 28/9/71
Tamworth NSW 17/11/71
Canberra 21/12/71
Orange NSW 18/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 4/2/72
Maryborough QLD 15/2/72
Port Pirie SA 31/7/74

4. This Week She's Romantic

.......Lynn Rainbow
.......Tom Oliver

Synopsis: Jeremy comes home with the news that his TV station is to produce a dismal soap opera. He is sure it will be a failure. Laura decides to try out for a part, and she rehearses with Bob, in whom she confides, as she’s afraid the others will ridicule her. Laura and Bob are overheard rehearsing a love scene by Tinto and the rest of the group, and all are convinced that there is a wild love affair going on between them.

Melbourne 5/9/71
Wollongong NSW 6/10/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 2/11/71
Brisbane 24/11/71

Tamworth NSW 24/11/71
Canberra 25/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 25/2/72
Port Pirie SA 14/8/74


Ep. 3: Janne Coghlan and Roslyn Wilson


5. This Week She Travels

.......Don Pascoe

Synopsis: Tinto develops an itch and can’t stop sneezing. He blames it on the filthy conditions that tenants keep their flat in and demands they clean and repaint it. When Jeremy also develops the same affliction, Tinto accuses them of making fun of him.


Sydney 22/9/71
Brisbane 29/9/71
Toowoomba QLD 19/10/71
Newcastle NSW 26/10/71
Wollongong NSW 10/11/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 21/12/71
Tamworth NSW 29/12/71
Maryborough QLD 4/1/72
Orange NSW 7/3/72
Port Pirie SA 18/9/74


Jenee Welsh, Gregory Ross, Gregory de Polnay, Roslyn Wilson and Ken James

6. This Week She's Liberated

.......Kirrily Nolan
.......Elizabeth Kirkby

Synopsis: Jennifer gets involved with a women's liberation group and they picket outside Tinto’s flat. Simultaneously Jeremy is doing a documentary on unmarried mothers, and when one of his subjects turns up Tinto believes Jeremy is carrying on with a pregnant mother.

Toowoomba QLD 14/9/71
Melbourne 26/9/71
Newcastle NSW 28/9/71
Sydney 29/9/71
Brisbane 6/10/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 26/10/71
Tamworth NSW 10/11/71

Canberra 11/1/72
Rockhampton QLD 28/1/72
Orange NSW 15/2/72
Maryborough QLD 29/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 10/3/72
Port Pirie SA 28/8/74


Gregory Ross and Roslyn Wilson


7. This Week She's Just Resting

.......Tim Elliot
.......Harry Lawrence

Synopsis: Mark is practising hypnosis at university, and the group persuades him to demonstrate, selecting Jeremy as being the least likely to be hypnotised. To their horror, Jeremy becomes convinced he is Father O'Casey - a very pious priest. Things get worse when he cannot be brought back to normal, and he becomes shocked by the group's way of dressing and their swearing.


Sydney 6/10/71
Brisbane 13/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 26/10/71
Newcastle NSW 9/11/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 28/12/71
Maryborough QLD 28/12/71
Canberra 15/2/72
Orange NSW 29/2/72
Port Pirie SA 11/9/74

8. This Week She's In Arrears

.......Rory O'Donaghue
.......Frank lloyd

 Still desperately searching for some excuse to evict the group, Tinto is delighted when a bunch of extra tenants turn up, apparently at the invitation of the present inmates. Certain the group is sub-letting, Tinto hatches a plot which of course backfires.

Toowoomba QLD 21/9/71
Melbourne 10/10/71
Sydney 13/10/71
Adelaide 21/10/71
Tamworth NSW 1/12/71
Orange NSW 28/12/71
Maryborough QLD 22/2/72
Port Pirie SA 7/8/74


Ken James, Gregory de Polnay and Gregory Ross

9. This Week She's Resting Again!

James McGregor.......Gordon McDougall
Willoughby.......John Llewellyn

Script.......Rosamund Waring

Synopsis: Jenny's uncle turns up from Scotland and almost gets the group evicted with his bagpipe playing when the new tenant upstairs turns out to be an anti-noise campaigner.


Newcastle NSW 5/10/71
Melbourne 17/10/71
Sydney 20/10/71
Brisbane 27/10/71
Wollongong NSW 27/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 2/11/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 30/11/71
Canberra 4/1/72

Tamworth NSW 12/1/72
Maryborough QLD 18/1/72
Orange NSW 1/2/72
Rockhampton QLD 11/2/72


Ep. 9: Jenee Welsh, John Llewellyn and Roslyn Wilson


10. This Week She Has A Baby

.......Beryl Cheers
.......Bob Fillman

 Laura brings home a stray dog, which the group has to hide from Tinto, who wants to use it as an excuse to evict them. At the same time, a friend of Jeremy's comes to stay - a ventriloquist by profession. His ability to throw his voice turns confusion into chaos when it is used with great effect to convince Tinto that he has a whole zoo and a nursery full of babies on the premises.

Brisbane 15/9/71
Toowoomba QLD 12/10/71
Newcastle NSW 19/10/71
Melbourne 24/10/71
Sydney 27/10/71
Brisbane 3/11/71
Wollongong NSW 3/11/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 7/12/71
Tamworth NSW 5/1/72
Maryborough QLD 11/1/72
Orange NSW 25/1/72
Canberra 8/2/72

11. This Week Her Virtue's Threatened

.......Tony Bazell
.......Red Moore

Synopsis: Laura becomes involved with a film producer who promises to make her a star. Jeremy tries to get in on the act until the group realise that Laura's virtue is in jeopardy.


Newcastle NSW 12/10/71
Toowoomba QLD 9/11/71
Brisbane 10/11/71
Adelaide 11/11/71
Sydney 17/11/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 14/12/71
Orange NSW 4/1/72
Tamworth NSW 26/1/72
Maryborough QLD 1/2/72
Canberra 29/2/72
Port Pirie SA 17/10/74


Gregory de Polnay, Jenee Welsh and Roslyn Wilson

12. This Week She Has A Visitor

Fiona Hamilton (Miss World).......Bobo Faulkner
.......Bettina Welch

Synopsis: Laura's cousin Fiona arrives from London. She has just been crowned Miss World, and the boys and even Tinto try to impress her, all hopeful of taking her to the Miss World Ball.

Melbourne 21/11/71
Sydney 15/9/71
Brisbane 22/9/71
Wollongong NSW 29/9/71
Toowoomba QLD 5/10/71
Coffs Harbour NSW 23/11/71
Tamworth NSW 14/12/71
Maryborough QLD 21/12/71
Canberra 28/12/71
Orange NSW 22/2/72
Port Pirie SA 4/9/74

13. This Week She Has A Fellow

Police Sergeant.......Peter Whittle
Hillary.......Nick Lathouris

Script.......Marcus Cooney

Synopsis: Tinto complains bitterly of the volume of music played by the group and calls the police, Jenny is on a health kick, and Laura has a very surprising date - which all add up to chaos.

Sydney 10/11/71
Melbourne 28/11/71
Toowoomba QLD 16/11/71
Brisbane 17/11/71
Tamworth NSW 19/1/72
Maryborough QLD 25/1/72
Orange NSW 8/2/72
Canberra 22/2/72
Traralgon VIC 15/3/72
Port Pirie SA 10/10/74


Ep. 12: Gregory Ross, Terry O'Neill and Bobo Faulkner